– We have a separate ladies gym for those ladies wishing to train in a more relaxed atmosphere, it’s designed to offer privacy and comfort to our female members and its ideal for women of all ages, shapes and sizes who may feel intimidated training in a mixed gym.

– We also boast separate ladies spa area, private swimming pool area and the dancing and aerobics studio (ladies only classes are available)

– Your first step will be on our advanced scale measuring your BMI ,total body weight (fat %,lean muscle, body water) then to assess the vo2 max and your target heart rate for designing a special program (just for you)

– Changing your program on a regular basis enables you to work more fiber thus achieving better shape. It also shocks the muscle groups, not allowing them to settle.

– Our instructors are on hand at any time to offer advice and assistance as required.

– Ladies kick Boxing classes for all the ladies who want to get a bit tougher, toned and trim! Technique and fitness are the basic structure of the class including some self defense and confidence building. You get to release all that extra stress by taking it out on a boxing bag and pads while combining it with an all over invigorating body toning workout